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Prom Night Tips

Prom night is a very special occasion for high schoolers around the
country.  In fact, it is probably one of the most memorable events in
a young person’s life. The build up to a prom can last for months, and
when the big night finally arrives, it can be both exciting and a  little bit
stressful. Once the suits are rented and dresses are purchased,
the aim is not only to have fun, but also to impress. What better way
to impress than to arrive at the prom in a safe, magnificent, luxurious
limousine! A limousine offers a safe alternative to being dropped off
at the big dance in Mom’s minivan or Dad’s SUV.
This blog covers a few tips for reserving a limousine.

Shop Around

It’s a good idea to shop around and get a feel for limousine
pricing around Prom season.  This is a very busy time for the
limousine industry.  Ask about Prom packages and what those
packages include. You should also ask if the time during the
dance will be charged. At All Around Limousine Service,
we only charge for the time before and after the Prom.  You
should also ask what will be provided in the limousine.  We
always provide complimentary, non-alcoholic beverages along
with ice and glassware in our limousines. 

Get a Contract

Many times, deposits for a limousine reservation are
non-refundable.  Make sure to get a contract and ensure that it states
which vehicle will be used and the number of passengers it holds.  When
asking this question, be sure to ask how many passengers the vehicle holds
“comfortably”.  You may be receiving a 14 passenger limousine, but if there
are 14 teenagers in your party, that doesn’t mean they will be comfortable
during the ride.  Here’s a rule of thumb: A 14 passenger limousine fits 12
passengers comfortably, a 10 passenger fits 8 comfortably, and a 6 passenger
limousine fits 4 passengers comfortably.

Read Reviews

Read the reviews for the limousine business on Google, Yahoo,
Facebook, Yellow Pages, or Bing.  You can also check reviews on the
Better Business Bureau website to find out if the company has any
major complaints against them.

You can check out our reviews at:




Yellow Pages:

Dinner Reservations

Make sure to have your dinner reservations set up in advance.  Many
restaurants are extremely busy during Prom season. It is
also a good idea to try and leave the dance early if you are
planning to go to downtown Chicago for dinner.

Curfew in Chicago, IL

If your party plans to travel to Chicago it is important to know the
Curfew Law: The City of Chicago Municipal Code, 8-16-020,
Curfew Hours for Minors, states that a child under the age of 17
cannot be outside or in a public place during the curfew hours
indicated below without a parent or guardian at least 18 years
of age appointed by the parent.

Curfew Hours: Sunday, through Thursday 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. of
the following day; Friday and Saturday 11:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. of
the following day.

Safety and Insurance

Transporting your teen safely to and from the dance is the most important
aspect of a limousine rental.  You should be sure the transportation
provider has the appropriate insurance.  All passenger vehicles in
Indiana are required have a minimum state required $1.5 million
dollar insurance policy.  Party buses with 15 or more passengers
are required to have a $5 million dollar policy.  If you are
unsure about the company’s policy, ask for a copy of their insurance
information. All Around Limousine will provide insurance information
upon request.

Limousine services in Indiana also need to have Indiana Passenger Operating
Authority filed with the state of Indiana.  If not, the state police can terminate
the limousine ride at any time.  What a way to ruin a night!

All Around Limousine Service Operating Authority NO: 2149537

Plan Ahead

Give the limousine company and driver as much information as
possible to make the trip go smoothly. This can include addresses,
phone numbers, and all reservation times.
We hope this helps with your Prom planning!
If you have any questions, feel free to call All Around Limousine
Service any time at  (219)  980-3636  or visit our website
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All Around Limousine Service has been transporting prom-goers in
Indiana and Illinois for the last 25 years.  We  have provided
transportation to Proms in Merrillville, Munster, Dyer, Schererville,
Hobart, Valparaiso, Portage, Highland, Gary, Roselawn, Cedar Lake,
Lowell, Demotte, Morocco, Griffith, Hammond, Chesterton, Lansing,
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